Hydrocarbon Vapor Emission Control

Hydrocarbon Air Pollution

We all take air pollution more seriously than ever before! When hydrocarbons enter the atmosphere anywhere in the world they react, in the presence of sunlight, with products of combustion forming low level ozone, or “smog”. This air pollutant is a serious health hazard; a threat to us all. This realization became the key motivating factor in a global move over 30 years ago to reduce the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. The largest emitters were identified. Petroleum liquids terminals, handling huge volumes of hydrocarbons every day, were in that group. They were among the first to install hydrocarbon vapor emission control systems. Many of those aging systems, with their outdated control systems, have since suffered decades of neglect, while instrumentation, computer, and process technology have advanced on virtually every other front. At last, there is an advanced, seriously better, vapor control technology. It’s DRYVac™ … a smaller, simpler, smarter, more efficient technology! And it comes complete with Free Lifetime Monitoring and Support! DRYVac™ ... the name says it all.

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DRYVac™ ... The name says it all


Key Features & Benefits of DRYVac™ Systems
• 30+% Lower Electrical Usage
• Climate Controlled Electronics
• Smarter 21st Century Software
• Better Carbon
• Smaller Footprint
• Longer Vacuum Pump Life
• Much Less Maintenance

     • Fewer Moving Parts
     • Completely Dry
     • No Seal Fluid

• Free Lifetime Monitoring

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